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The Grown-Up Baseball Game Kids Love to Play!
Big Bucks Baseball Game BoardWelcome to the home of BIG BUCKS BASEBALL, America's greatest baseball board game.

As an owner you will become part of a fast growing association playing BIG BUCKS BASEBALL throughout the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world.

It's Baseball in a Box!
Baseball has great teams. Great teams have great players. Great players make the most money.

Click for larger photo (48K)In spite of parity which exists in the major leagues, money is still the underlying factor. One only has to see, as evidenced during the recent baseball strike, that money motivates both the owners and the players of professional baseball.

BIG BUCKS BASEBALL recognizes this and lets you play the game the way it should be played by allowing you to use money to defeat the opposition if you choose to. This is just one of three available play modes.

What is Big Bucks Baseball?
BIG BUCKS BASEBALL is a baseball board game that was created to simulate a real baseball game with all its surprises and suspense. It combines the strategy of baseball with the excitement of Monopoly, the thrill of dice and the action of roulette.

Click for larger photo (45K)Using a unique, patented Pitch/Hit strategy wheel, BIG BUCKS BASEBALL allows you to play baseball just as if you were on the field of an actual baseball game. Adding money as motivation to upgrade players and buy concessions, BIG BUCKS BASEBALL gives you the feel of being a real baseball team owner or manager.

Each game played is new and has never been statistically played before, so the outcome is always like real baseball. The game is not over until the last pitch has been thrown unless, of course, you happen to bankrupt the opposing team!

BIG BUCKS BASEBALL is a different kind of game, unlike anything presently on the market. It can best be described by telling you first what it is not. BIG BUCKS BASEBALL is not a statistical average game with hundreds of cards, charts and other statistics intended to recreate the "golden years" by offering many variables (some even including foot speed). The action in statistical average games is dependent on the outcome of some random occurences keyed to past events. Games like these are cheap to produce since they are mainly paper and cardboard and require very little tooling, yet surprisingly sell at prices comparable to BIG BUCKS BASEBALL.

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